History of Culture

Here you will learn about the origin, the major periods and trends in the evolution of culture

Steps to Start an Essay on Culture

To start out with, select an unbelievable matter for a composition. Consultants advocate introducing the ideas in a means that’s clear and selecting. Within the occasion the trainer informs to feign there may be that the scholar someone else additionally write the narrative based on the life span of another individual of one other nationality, […]

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Concept of culture by Friedrich Nietzsche

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900) is the founder of “philosophy of life” – the direction of Western philosophical thought that has emerged in the last third of the XIX century. in Germany, where “life” was the original concept in analyzing various spheres of human activity, himself and therefore culture in general. This trend […]

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Origin of culture

A special place in the philosophy of culture is the question of the origin of the world culture as a human reality. He gave his formulation of the relationship between nature and society, contrasting its positivist naturalistic. As already noted, based on a decision on the principle of priority values (cultural) over the natural. The […]

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Civilization development

Thus, the development of civilization. Toynbee, based on the principle of “challenge – response”: environment (and the natural and social) continuously challenging civilization confront its problems, and society, especially in the face of a creative minority, forced to seek solutions to these problems. “Thus, the essence of civilization is growing clan (impulse), which causes side […]

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Report Writing for Students

Where is the difference between abstracts, introductory paragraphs, and conclusion sections? Abstract is thought out to be a short statement that describes your report completely; goals achieved, what has been concluded, fulfilled, and decided. An introductory paragraph is though out to be a section that shows your supporting knowledge and goals. The introductory paragraph will […]

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Friedrich Nietzsche’s idea of eternal return Part 2

For the elite areas of art, in the XIX XX centuries. Cardinal program position can be considered Nietzsche purpose of metaphysical art, which he noted in the foreword of “The Birth of Tragedy from the spirit of music.” The phenomenon of Greek beauty for Nietzsche was not “starry sliding on the surface”, and genealogy immersed […]

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Friedrich Nietzsche’s idea of eternal return Part 1

The texts of Friedrich Nietzsche require interpretation, as a mask, hiding some character conceptual construction. One of them – the idea of eternal return, which, according to many scholars of Nietzsche, and remained not completely clarified concept. The idea of eternal return expressed by him in “Thus spoke Zarathustra,” there are several allusions to the […]

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The basic ideas of the Enlightenment

Complex main ideas that emerged during the Enlightenment, was named project. The setting of the Enlightenment project was indirectly the level of knowledge of the time. Axiom of modern times made the first law of thermodynamics – the law of conservation of energy. It substantiates the hypothesis of survival and preservation of life structure and […]

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Classification of civilizations Part 2

Creating a classification, it takes into account the peculiarities of religion, the existence of a universal state of existence internal and external proletariat (by which he means social groups, inherent to the society), draws parallels between the historical facts, social unrest, wars, especially the world (it is directed to the future or in the past), […]

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