About is a content focused online platform in English, aimed at a global audience of young artists and those interested in the arts. The website was founded in 2015 as part of the program Digital Solitude by the international artist residence and focuses on the communication of the content from the network in the fields of art and science and the support of new digital projects and talents. is simultaneously an online magazine and artist portfolio and takes a look into the studios of current and former fellows inside and outside of Solitude as well as the archive of the to uncover hidden works and those still in the making.

The Community opens up a digital space of cultural production and diverse expertise from a large number of artistic, scientific, and journalistic fields to a global audience. A local editorial team at the Akademie in Stuttgart and contributors from all over the world rethink and initiate content in an ongoing productive exchange. We collaborate with a vibrant community of more than 1,300 fellows as well as jurors, experts, and friends. By providing a free space for reflection and innovation, Schlosspost seeks to connect the community, to tell its stories, and allow it to grow.

Web Residencies opens a virtual second Akademie. With the micro grant »Web Residency« (500 USD), the Akademie invites young talents from the digital scene to realize digital projects in a four-week residency and to present the process and results of their work on Open calls on set topics will be held three times a year by different specialist jurors from the Solitude network. The program takes place exclusively online. For each call, three people or teams will be selected for a Web Residency.

Digital Solitude Fellowships

Each year will be awarding a total of 24 months of fellowships to two to four people in 2016 and 2017. The fellowship program is intended for journalists, developers/coders, designers, as well as artists and all other creatives and professionals who work on the development of new digital content and formats. There is a special focus on digital projects in journalism, storytelling, art and cultural mediation, and media art.