June 20, 2017

The reasons of cultural diversity Part 2

Uniqueness of Western culture, VR Herder configured very critical. He drew attention to its significant contrast to the Eastern culture, thus making a comparative analysis “Therefore, European public organisms – a beast that insatiable absorb everything foreign, everything is good and evil, spices and poisons, tea and coffee, gold and silver – in his feverish state showing excessive excitement, not the east of the country – they rely only on their internal circulation. Life is slow, like sloths, but it has lasted a long time and a long time will continue, unless the external circumstances not destroy the sleeping animal . But famous at that ancient expected around for strength and durability – and their culture monuments and buildings of public order, and we’re living life energetic and, perhaps, the most short pass reserved our destiny forever life. ” Observation, knowledge of history, culture and trapping occur already at that time certain trends of cultural development allowed VR Herder perform quite thorough, objective and to some extent analysis.

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In sight JG Herder got Slavic peoples who “took place on the ground more than ever, and one reason for this – that they lived further from the Romans” – concludes the researcher. He notes a number of positive qualities peculiar to this people, including the opposite: “They were compassionate, hospitable wasteful loved the freedom of the countryside, but were submissive and obedient, enemies of robbery and looting.” Aware of the fact of unequal socio-cultural and economic development of different regions, VR Herder wrote, “Misfortune Slavs – that position among the nations of the earth they were, on the one hand, so close to the Germans, on the other hand, the rear they were open to invasions of eastern Tartars, from which even the Mongols, many of them suffered enough, many have suffered.”

Herder is very rosy describes the advantages and prospects of the Slavic people, which was very favorably greeted. In specific examples VR Herder fact illustrates the continuity of cultural experiences and mutual cultures. So they listed the dignity of Arab science, including physics, chemistry, geography, astronomy, Arabic art, especially dedicated poetry, which “slowly, slowly, disobedient,” learned to listen to Europe and that “was a long-standing heritage of the Arabs” because “blossomed long before Mohammed”. Describing the identity of the culture, VR Herder does offer some estimates of a particular constituent this: “From China Arabs were taken vodka and the number subsequently increased significantly due to chemicals, which first took the Arabs, fortunately for Europe, and also the harmful tea and coffee – Arabic drink spread is only a few centuries. Porcelain and perhaps dust and Europeans also learned from the Arabs who brought them from China.”

Another example – a “geographical maps and statistical information about different countries” who “have been prepared long before the thought of it originated in Europe” – the author notes. But still a very significant impact on Arabs living in the three parts of the world affected by the type of religion. Lack of sources prevented VR Herder give a detailed outline of the culture of many other nations, because a number of them, it took only small sections short messages limited to geographical conditions, life and customs. The conclusion sums VR Herder, leading various facts, is that the history of culture of different nations is not a one-way process as claimed many educators and multivariate evolution. He sought to determine the benefits of each of the cultures of them. Thus, the history of human culture is represented by VR Herder if recourse to modern terminology as pluralistic history, which reflects not only the many cultures, but also cultural values.

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