December 8, 2017

Theological concept of culture

There’s also theological idea of culture that views faith whilst culture’s foundation. Principles theological knowledge of culture on the basis of the concept of ​​God, but individual exercise is tradition within the degree to which it provides guy to God. This knowledge of tradition was started creators and top students of Christianity. Hence, Aurelius Augustine (354 430 decades.) In his function “Confessions” and “Town of Lord” the real history of humanity is divided into two phases: “Town of Lord” that’s centered on love for Lord and “disregard of guy to herself” and “Hail planet”, centered on” love of guy to himself “and” disregard for Lord.” the very first stage is many completely symbolizes the chapel, that will be a typical example of tranquility of interpersonal relationships, displayed the 2nd stage of their state that’s the embodiment of consequence and evil for human [ g, 15. 33]. Attribute of theological ideas are different religious and substance tradition problems and validation religious restoration privileges.

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Contemporary theologians all of the accomplishments of religious tradition regarded as based on social and spiritual improvement of humanity construed as heavenly primordial research procedure. Catholic social studies on the basis of the theory that tradition phases social improvement of mankind, and may be the consequence of heavenly thought is nearer to knowledge and the knowledge of God will. An essential factor towards the research of the social comprehension produced by the German thinker (1882 1973 decades.) Sociologist and Jacques Maritain E. Winter. This watch of Social and Protestant John Tillyha (1886 1965 years.), But faith and tradition he compared one another. Theology’s job, based on the theologian would be to recover functionality of tradition and faith, which could supply solutions to demanding issues of individual lifestyle.

Within the Orthodox social reports also substantiated the thought of ​​the unity of faith and tradition. Contended that history’s meaning is based on objectification launch. Attaining this really is feasible just towards the globe of free spirit who recognized using the empire of God through the finish of the move and also background. He declines progress’ knowledge as constant and linear forward motion of culture.

Thought that tradition was created of praise that was spiritual and spiritual conspiracy identifies academic part and the visual alignment of religious ideals.

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