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Freud’s psychoanalysis

Sigmund Freud (1856 1939) Austrian psychiatrist, neurologist, psychologist, founder of psychoanalysis. His theory provided a tremendous influence in shaping many areas of art, the interpretation of a number of issues of culture and the development of some humanities XX century. In the 1873 1881’s. He studied medicine at Vienna University, then worked as a practicing […]

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Types of sociocultural systems

Getting to highlight distinctive cultural systems, refers to finding inner defining aspect of integration, which, he said, it appears, especially in mental people. Assuming that each cultural system has its own mentality, its own system of truth and knowledge, has its own philosophy and a particular type of religion, its own idea of right and […]

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Culture as a universum of values

Philosophy of Culture is a system of views on cultural and civilizational processes, which reflected the typical beginning of the century philosophical and social ideas. Particularly strong influenced by the philosophy of humanism representative of British pragmatism F. K. Schiller, led largely subjective idealist general direction views. He also tried to develop a system of […]

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The morphology of culture

At the heart of every culture is its specific, which grows and real history of this culture. Every culture conceived as Spengler has a “soul”. Culture as becoming “soul” is pure possibility, but, taken as its “solid” implementation of spatially arranged objective forms, there was the reality. “The culture dies when this soul made without […]

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The reasons of cultural diversity Part 2

Uniqueness of Western culture, VR Herder configured very critical. He drew attention to its significant contrast to the Eastern culture, thus making a comparative analysis “Therefore, European public organisms – a beast that insatiable absorb everything foreign, everything is good and evil, spices and poisons, tea and coffee, gold and silver – in his feverish […]

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The reasons of cultural diversity Part 1

The book is divided into four parts, each of which includes a number of books that consist of several sections. The first part covered the theme of the relationship of Earth and human beings as the central of terrestrial animals. IG Herder in presenting this theme should be some basic ideas of Kant, B.; One […]

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Evolutionism against antievolutionism

Many of L. White include arguments aimed at the overthrow antievolutionism views, and so are more or less polemical character. The skill honed his polemical style recognized by many contemporaries, considering that it is particularly effective because of its inherent restraint and what is called good taste. One of these works  “Stages of evolution, progress […]

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