History of Culture

Here you will learn about the origin, the major periods and trends in the evolution of culture

Friedrich Nietzsche’s idea of eternal return Part 2

For the elite areas of art, in the XIX XX centuries. Cardinal program position can be considered Nietzsche purpose of metaphysical art, which he noted in the foreword of “The Birth of Tragedy from the spirit of music.” The phenomenon of Greek beauty for Nietzsche was not “starry sliding on the surface”, and genealogy immersed […]

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Friedrich Nietzsche’s idea of eternal return Part 1

The texts of Friedrich Nietzsche require interpretation, as a mask, hiding some character conceptual construction. One of them – the idea of eternal return, which, according to many scholars of Nietzsche, and remained not completely clarified concept. The idea of eternal return expressed by him in “Thus spoke Zarathustra,” there are several allusions to the […]

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The basic ideas of the Enlightenment

Complex main ideas that emerged during the Enlightenment, was named project. The setting of the Enlightenment project was indirectly the level of knowledge of the time. Axiom of modern times made the first law of thermodynamics – the law of conservation of energy. It substantiates the hypothesis of survival and preservation of life structure and […]

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Classification of civilizations Part 2

Creating a classification, it takes into account the peculiarities of religion, the existence of a universal state of existence internal and external proletariat (by which he means social groups, inherent to the society), draws parallels between the historical facts, social unrest, wars, especially the world (it is directed to the future or in the past), […]

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Classification of civilizations Part 1

Arnold J. Toynbee (1889 1975)  a prominent British historian, philosopher and cultural studies. Its main work  a 12 volume work “Study of History” (1934 1961), which made a huge systematization of the material, based on which analyzes the processes of emergence, growth, fracture and collapse of civilizations. In 1991 was the first digest of this […]

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Cultural history as a branch of natural science

In the history of cultural science this fact has been neglected. This period is considered only a brief historical overview as predecessor of modern cultural studies. In fact, the focus should be on two lines, or ways of shaping science of culture, natural lines and line running from understanding the culture as fundamentally forms of […]

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