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Jean Baudrillard on culture of bitterness Part 4

Why hate is contemporary towards the hyperrealism of the large metropolises that’s. Nevertheless, a type of coldness characterizes it. Produced by indifference, including indifference it becomes chilly, unpredictable, may distribute to any topic. There’s no ardor inside it, no confidence, it exhausts itself. “Managing” (British phrase for psychoanalysis) around. Trans. And it is frequently restricted […]

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Cosmopolitanism Part 3

Globalized elite recognizes and M. Castells and in contrast to other various movements, feminist, ecological, ethnic, religious, which he estimates as a potential force for the formation of forward looking identity, he treats it as consisting of individuals have a less pronounced identity (“citizens of the world”). “The new globalized poor” less involved in globalization. […]

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Cosmopolitanism Part 2

As a result of globalization. Social, economic, economic, political, financial, industrial and cultural fields caused by globalization processes that do not occur somewhere in an undefined space continuum and affect the individual and his personal life and therefore accompanied by changes in human need to expand its worldview. In a changing world people sometimes had […]

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Cosmopolitanism Part 1

Cosmopolitanism  a special type of attitude, manifested most clearly in crisis or transition periods of culture. Seen in antiquity phenomenon of cosmopolitanism acquires special relevance in the era of globalization, because the individual performing the activity in multinational space gets real opportunities to expand the borders (state and national), thus facilitating its transfer from the […]

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The differentiation of culture globalization

As the deployment of globalization is evident that they do not occur simultaneously, differ in specific areas of human activity (which necessitates special study each). At the same time there is a change in the nature of globalization. Today, researchers mark the beginning of the transition from neoliberal type of globalization (Globalization linear) to a […]

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Culture of the future

On the other side of good and evil. Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future” (1886) and “On the Genealogy of Morals” (1887) Nietzsche makes a radical critique of European culture and values expressed several ideas about its future. But most of all the culture of the future revealed in “The Gay Science” (1882, 1887), […]

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Globalization of Cultural Study Part 2

The reasons for this kind of existence of common features culture among researchers explain the main motives and incentives that determine human activities, such as self-representation of themselves, self-satisfaction and so on. N. Such motivation can be explained inherent to all people the same feelings: hunger, love, vanity, fear. Other researchers complement these approaches into […]

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