Global Culture

Learn about the cultures of different nations around the world

Globalization of Cultural Study Part 1

Speaking about universals in culture, keep in mind that overall, that is present in every culture. Universals of culture  a universal representation of cultural experiences and activities. In every culture we find respect for motherhood, hospitality and teamwork. Such human qualities as courage, courage, self-control under extreme conditions cause admiration, as cowardice is unfortunately sometimes […]

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Baudrillard about consumer society Part 1

Interestingly: before read Baudrillard life gave me another epigraph, from the thick of my own. I involuntarily overheard the reasoning of the young salesman: “I took off the corner. Now only the mattress and comp buy. What else is needed?” Baudrillard created this book in the late 1960s, in the pre Internet era, although the […]

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