January 3, 2018

The Idea of ​​Superior Man

In “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” (1883 1885) Nietzsche puts ideal superman a new type of person that excels in its contemporary moral and intellectual qualities. “What is relatively monkey man? Laughingstock or a painful shame. And the same should be the man to superman: or painful shame.” Therefore, on the way to becoming Superman necessary work, courage, selflessness, heroism, integrity, boundless thirst activities hardness. “Man a rope stretched between the animal and the superman, over the precipice.” Through the words of Zarathustra Nietzsche declares love for those who “brings a sacrifice land to land once the land became Superman.” Superman is formed with the participation of two principles Dionysian, which carries a joyful statement with a thirst for life, dancing and singing, lightning and madness, and directing this endless energy in creative and orderly direction: “You wear a chaos to be able to give birth to a dancing star. Superman it’s creator, has a powerful, rapid will, which aims, creation itself as a free, independent of the value and authority of the individual. The meaning of life, for Nietzsche, is superman. But people referred to by Zarathustra, do not understand it. In this book, a description of life scenes and parables told by Zarathustra, Nietzsche tells about the different types of people, and in every situation carries the idea of the necessity of striving to perfect the type of person who is treated as the opposite of an existing person. The idea of improving human Nietzsche develops in other studies.

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Man is a hierarchical ladder consisting of superior and inferior types. Equality Nietzsche sees as a decline, while “the gap between man and man, and as a condition plurality of types, will be himself, to move away from the others what I call pathos of distance, actually every time high.” The process of improving the human variety, based on their beginning is manifested in spiritual practice. Philosopher says that it is necessary “skill and subtlety in conducting a war on, i.e. the ability to restrain themselves, “cleaning instincts”, “learn to see”, “learn to speak and write.” This procedural vision of man as a being, which highlights the need to process because “a man creature and creator are connected together.” Based on this interpretation of human Nietzsche distinguishes a man “material”, “clay”, “nonsense”, “chaos” and the artist, sculptor. We can say that Nietzsche developed anthropological model of human nature which but the promotion ladder. Along with the comprehensive program of improving human ascent to seen him and as a result of natural selection.

Rejection of dictatorship and the cult of reason and traditional morality, access rights “beyond good and evil”, that rejection of one and unambiguous assessments established in the Eurocentric culture, emancipation instinct, body, physical intuition, return as a symbol of a healthy natural life all Nietzsche proclaims based on the will to live that determines people’s actions and is committed to growth, recovery, increase power and which later transformed into the most piercing instinct the will to power. That is why the teachings of Nietzsche sleep dualism of mind and body. “There is a critical factor to the culture begins with proper beds nose soul rightful place is the body, appearance, diet and physiology.” The proclamation of the unity of body and soul was put to them in the merit of antiquity: “The Greeks were the first cultural event as history Christianity body was the greatest misfortune of mankind.” Nietzsche says during work on “Thus spoke Zarathustra” and encourages to learn through the body of the joy of life, so it is highly extolling the art of dance. Climb the body a lie nature, that is life. “Learn to liberate consciousness through body movement, or not that is the first law for a dancer?”. Active, leading role flesh fact means direct human presence in the world. Phenomenal body “living body” philosopher attracts peculiar ability to think “in preverbal level, the discovery of a new type of mental activity,” thinking in motion.”

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This complex tasks and purpose of improving cultural rights, aimed at the emergence of a new type of person who excels in its moral and intellectual qualities of modern humans. Nietzsche was concerned about the problem of re person create a culture in which a set of traditions, rules and beliefs contribute to elevation of man, not pushed him to achieve material comfort and endless satisfy material needs.

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