September 21, 2017

Culture of the future

On the other side of good and evil. Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future” (1886) and “On the Genealogy of Morals” (1887) Nietzsche makes a radical critique of European culture and values expressed several ideas about its future. But most of all the culture of the future revealed in “The Gay Science” (1882, 1887), which, along with a critical assessment of European culture Nietzsche sets out his understanding of culture to come. Explaining the title, he writes that “it seems written in the spring wind, there is arrogance, anxiety, inconsistency, the March weather” that “the whole book and is nothing like fun after a long abstinence,” she means “Saturnalia spirit.” In this attitude he sees a significant difference of culture coming from contemporary culture, which emerged “this bad taste, this will to truth, to” truth at any cost and rule is still a tragedy, a morality and religion”. Moreover, Nietzsche is convinced that the world is falling apart: “We Europeans are witnessing the horrible sight of the ruins of the world,” and in order to build a different world, we need to “great health”. what will be the world? Thinker elevates gaming culture in condemning the recent past: “We are, after all, difficult and no people more weight than people, we have fun from time to time in our stupidity to stay cheerful and our wisdom.

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Criticizing educational project, Nietzsche wrote that it is impossible to live with the truth, “knowledge is for life something crazy.” Not improves human and art, as in traditional art, in the heat of passion is not a man, but its effect. So he formulates the problem of creating other art culture in the future: “We all need mischievous, fluttering, dancing, , and blessed art not to lose the freedom above things, which requires us to our ideal.” When freedom over things Nietzsche understands playing relationship with morality, with its requirements.

The new culture should be created not by reforming science or art, but through conversion of morality. The new morality can exist only in the form of myth, a myth, according to Nietzsche – the foundation of any type of culture. Along with the destruction of sense of the myth of dying and historical foundations of culture, civilization: “Without myth every culture loses its healthy creative natural power: only a myth furnished Horizon closes a cultural movement in the finished whole.” This fundamental myth for a new morality Nietzsche considers the myth of superman. The basis of this myth – the image of a strong personality in which subtlety of mind combined with severe congenital instincts. This contributes to the fact that such person possessed the will to power, overcoming the resistance of the current world of culture, with its vices and lies. Loss myth – the death of culture and civilization. Modern European culture is in deep crisis, as “myth have long been everywhere is in paralysis and everywhere dominance reached optimistic spirit as the germ of death in our society.”

The author notes feature reverse process – the gradual awakening of the Dionysian spirit. This feature he sees consciousness Dionysian onslaught of Wagner’s music, and others. Myth becomes more important and significant moment in culture than consciousness, knowledge, science; it is treated as a key point of spirituality.

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