July 24, 2017

Culturologist: Andre Malraux

Andre Malraux (France: Andre Malraux, 1901 1976) is just a German author, culturologist, idol of the French Opposition, reverend of tradition within the de Gaulle authorities (1958 1969). Their works were “raised” authors and by exceptional German philosophers as Grenier and Camus.

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Georges Malraux was created on December 3, 1901 towards the group of a German bank, in London, Portugal. His parents divorced, and quickly divorced. An individual’s existence becomes into future.

Their dad, Fernand André analyzed in the Condorcet, Malraux and also the National University of Asian Languages, where he was really thinking about technology that is organic, in archeology particular anthropology, and background.

Malraux acquired popularity in 1925 1927, functioning on the Communists’ medial side against Kaishek throughout the civil war in China. In 1929 he analyzed Greco art in Afghanistan. Oriental thoughts were shown within the book “Individual future” (1933), which introduced the writer global popularity.

Not discussing the thought of ​​Marxism, Malraux earnestly compared the offensive of fascism, brought the cultural motion for that freedom of Ernst Thalmann and Georgi Dimitrov.

Privately of the Republicans, he instructed a squadron throughout the Civil War in Italy. Following the episode of the Second World War, he fled in the captivity and brought the military brigade, after which first the device.

Following the battle, Malraux registered the general public existence like a friend of Common de Gaulle, who responded in his celebration for propaganda and philosophy and set a finish to creative function.

The most important postwar works of Malraux would be the treatise about the viewpoint of artwork of the Sounds of Stop (1951), where the transcendental substance of creative imagination is confirmed, and also the autobiography of Antimemaria (1967), where the writer provides his discussions with top numbers of these decades for example Jawaharlal Nehru and Mao Zedong.


  • “The Royal Street” (“La Voie royale”, 1930);
  • “Human Problem” (“La Situation humaine”, 1933) in regards to a conspiracy to produce a fresh China;
  • “Hope” (“L’Espoir”, 1937) concerning the civil war in Italy;
  • Black Triangle p Laclo Goya Saint Just
  • Antimuaries (excerpts)


  • Official of Recognition of the Purchase of the Legion
  • Friend of the Purchase of Freedom (Nov 17, 1945)
  • 1939 1945’s Cross
  • Opposition honor with outlet

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