June 7, 2017

How to Make a Good Thesis Statement

As usual, the thesis consists of a couple of sentences, which claim your stance concerning the given point, especially the stance you are going to argue in the essay. The given thesis has to emerge somewhere in the introductory part of the essay. It may lie in place of the first sentence, though it is often unexpected and quite simplistic method to start writing the essay. More often than not, the thesis has to be present somewhere near at the finish of the introductory paragraph.

One of your first steps to writing a thesis statement (after you have made a decision regarding the topic) is to define what your stance is. In order to accomplish this task, it will be necessary to make a thorough review of all related informational sources. In the majority of cases, there is a string of arguments for two sides of one issue at your service. Estimate and make a careful analysis of all arguments present. During this procedure, you have to elaborate your personal point of view regarding the issue.

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It is compulsory to determine the thesis quite clearly before you start composing, because it is just the thesis, which will direct you during the whole writing procedure – everything you compose has to somehow make a contribution to its defense. It does not mean that the thesis has no possibility to be altered, narrowed down, or improved throughout the whole procedure; quite the opposite, it will have to be. The most important issue here is that you will not know how to get started from unless you possess at least the working academic writing thesis statement, which is able to direct you.

The thesis has the function to narrow down the general focus of essay. Imagine that you are expected to compose a paper dedicated to mind and body issue. Therefore, it is very important to understand that it will not be possible to turn to every essential philosophical issue regarding the given general topic within the frames of one written assignment. You will need to pick up the thesis, which is able to narrow down the focus to controllable points. Here, try not to be too high flying. It is not necessarily to tackle such problem as mind and body in seven or even thirty seven pages. For sure, it is important as well not to find yourself too far the other way round. The thesis does not have to be trivial. Alternatively, the thesis has to present an interesting confirmation – the one over which some reasonable people can disagree. So, perhaps now you know perfectly well ‘What is a thesis statement?’

The thesis has to be quite peculiar and define a directed focus of essay. Do not even try to make a claim lie “People have to donate their money to hanger-relief groups.” It is quite obscure. Are you targeted at stating that donating cash to hunger-relief businesses is moral duty, or do you like to claim that doing so will be superfluous? Either way, you ought to introduce the reasons for stating the claim you make, because the thesis needs to present some clues as to what the major argument will look like.

To summarize, the thesis has to:

  • Be particular.
  • Be adequately narrowed down in order to be defended within the frames of the task’s parameters regarding length.
  • Produce an intriguing claim, the one over which some reasonable persons can disagree.
  • Introduce some clues as to what the major argument’s line will be.

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