Famous Culturologists

Find out biographies of people who contributed to the development of the cultural studies

Culturologist: Andre Malraux

Andre Malraux (France: Andre Malraux, 1901 1976) is just a German author, culturologist, idol of the French Opposition, reverend of tradition within the de Gaulle authorities (1958 1969). Their works were “raised” authors and by exceptional German philosophers as Grenier and Camus. Georges Malraux was created on December 3, 1901 towards the group of a […]

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Oswald Spengler and his book

German philosopher Oswald Spengler and culture (1880-1936) made a significant contribution to the formation of cultural studies through its main work “Decline of the West. Essays on the morphology of world history.” However, this work value and importance of ideas contained in it uniform. When reading it can distinguish itself culturologic core mission to set […]

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