Concepts And Approaches

Read about Marxism, feminism, Gramsci and hegemony, globalization and many other fields and theories of culture

Marx’s concept of culture

Marxist idea of culture is dependent on the next concepts and conceptual blueprints clarify the historic and social development: approach to detailing the genesis and substance of tradition; department of culture in substance and religious research as well as their interdependence; materialist meaning of culture and its own character; department of sociocultural evolution of the […]

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Cyclical approach in culturology

The cyclic approach was sought not only to analyze the dynamics of culture in general; He turned to the experts who examine some specific culture. Long waves in the economy or “big cycles conditions” began to be analyzed by economists in the middle of the XIX century, including British scientists X. Clark Art. Jevons. In […]

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Sociological concept of culture

Place is taken by cultural studies in sociological idea of tradition. Yet others. Sociological concepts’ function is the fact that their tradition sometimes appears like complicated hierarchical program, an alternative training and cultural trend. Tradition, as is apparent in the functions, T. Parsons. Merton is among the basic sociological groups that are common. The particular […]

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Functional concept of culture

Functionalist idea of culture based on a single of the very typical in social reports and cultural anthropology ideas based on which culture and tradition evaluation must start to recognize their capabilities because they expose the particular faculties of every section of a system (culture like a system, tradition like a system, like a system […]

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