The reasons of cultural diversity Part 1

The book is divided into four parts, each of which includes a number of books that consist of several sections. The first part covered the theme of the relationship of Earth and human beings as the central of terrestrial animals. IG Herder in presenting this theme should be some basic ideas of Kant, B.; One […]

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Sociological concept of culture

Place is taken by cultural studies in sociological idea of tradition. Yet others. Sociological concepts’ function is the fact that their tradition sometimes appears like complicated hierarchical program, an alternative training and cultural trend. Tradition, as is apparent in the functions, T. Parsons. Merton is among the basic sociological groups that are common. The particular […]

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How to Make a Good Thesis Statement

As usual, the thesis consists of a couple of sentences, which claim your stance concerning the given point, especially the stance you are going to argue in the essay. The given thesis has to emerge somewhere in the introductory part of the essay. It may lie in place of the first sentence, though it is […]

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Evolutionism against antievolutionism

Many of L. White include arguments aimed at the overthrow antievolutionism views, and so are more or less polemical character. The skill honed his polemical style recognized by many contemporaries, considering that it is particularly effective because of its inherent restraint and what is called good taste. One of these works  “Stages of evolution, progress […]

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Functional concept of culture

Functionalist idea of culture based on a single of the very typical in social reports and cultural anthropology ideas based on which culture and tradition evaluation must start to recognize their capabilities because they expose the particular faculties of every section of a system (culture like a system, tradition like a system, like a system […]

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