Theological concept of culture

There’s also theological idea of culture that views faith whilst culture’s foundation. Principles theological knowledge of culture on the basis of the concept of ​​God, but individual exercise is tradition within the degree to which it provides guy to God. This knowledge of tradition was started creators and top students of Christianity. Hence, Aurelius Augustine […]

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Jean Baudrillard on culture of bitterness Part 4

Why hate is contemporary towards the hyperrealism of the large metropolises that’s. Nevertheless, a type of coldness characterizes it. Produced by indifference, including indifference it becomes chilly, unpredictable, may distribute to any topic. There’s no ardor inside it, no confidence, it exhausts itself. “Managing” (British phrase for psychoanalysis) around. Trans. And it is frequently restricted […]

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Who is culturologist?

Cultural studies culture (from the Latin cultura – education, education, development, respect), that is historically certain level of society’s creative powers and abilities, in terms of the types and forms of organization of life and activities of people in their relationships as well as they create spiritual and material values. A specific subject of cultural […]

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Dynamics of culture

Thus, it proves the fact that all of the sociocultural phenomena continuously changing, or otherwise, are in a state of becoming. Recognizing the legitimacy of Heraclitus expression of eternal change, a scientist refers to a detailed analysis of the causes of this statement, wondering: where to find the roots of variability of sociocultural phenomena and […]

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Cultural models Part 2

He does not believe that European culture is above any other, but acknowledges the fact that Western culture is very interesting as a multinational phenomenon, where each nation contributes its tone and the overall composition. Western civilization polyphonic, and multinational. That is why one of the most important results of the study he sees a […]

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Cultural models Part 1

Culture L. Kroeber understood as universal, common human phenomenon; In other words, the creation and existence of culture initially accompanies mankind. He was interested in the question the behavior of civilization in the culminating point of some aspects of cultural activities. He writes in his book Configurations cultural growth” which analyzes various forms of cultural […]

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